For members of the public who would like to play on our courts without a member of the Club present, please read our Court Hire page.
Members are encouraged to invite visitors to the club to play and enjoy our facilities. However, please take note of our policy below with respect to vistor fees: 
  • The fee for visitors is $10 per visit, for a maximum of 6 visits. 
  • Adult Members - If you are a member of the Club and would like to play with non-members, whether they be family, including children, or friends, the visitor fee applies.
  • Junior Members - If you play with non-members, whether they be family,  including parents, or friends, the visitor fee applies.
  • Parents of Junior Pennant Players - If you are not a member of the club and would like to play regularly with your children (more than 6 times a year), please consider joining as an adult member.  Otherwise, if you would like to play only occasionally with your children then the vistor fee applies.
It is compulsory for members to wear shoe-tags so that it is easy to identify them as members of the Club.  By doing so, we can reduce unauthorized use of our courts.
Court hire and visitor’s fees are made available as a service to enable players to enjoy our Club and its facilities in the hope that they are encouraged to become members.